Blind Dinner – transform your expectation

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Dining Experiences

  At our dinners you will experience different connections food can make with art, and art and food. Guedes attention to high quality ingredients in a cultural environment is definitely a good mix of eating well and experiencing art in a different context.  


  Entretempo opens its full-service kitchen for companies to invite their employees to share the act of cooking. The team can learn to cook healthy meals with the help of a professional chef while communicating and creating together. They will learn valuable skills that they can take home and the shared experience will feed their […]

Dining with artists and curators

For every exhibition presented by Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, we invite the audience to share a meal with the curators and artists involved in the show. The Artists and Curators Dinners encourage informal encounters between different audiences and art professionals, encouraging open dialogues and exchange of experiences.


The Event was part of the Berlin Food Art Week organized by the Entretempo Kitchen Gallery. We will create a painting of the sky by connecting trees and graves on a downtown, former cemetery, in a timeless space that is overgrown by forest-like vegetation. First day: Prepare the design of the constellations with sticks, shovels, […]

Art Garden

Art Garden – Cemetery St. Georgen Parochial I, Prenzlauer Allee 6, Berlin (entrance at Heinrich-Roller-Str. 18) in Cooperation with GRÜNE LIGA Berlin and Matria Jardín with Mauricio Cervantes, Samatha Leiva, Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Tomás Espinosa, Rune Bosse, Renata Har, Beatrice Davis, Lenara Verle, Beatrice Davis, Nate Anspaugh, Mathieu Sylvestre, Beth Dillon, Iara Guedes and Javier Blanco Artistic Director: Tainá […]


  Entretempo develops and realizes a personalized design conceptual menu for you or your company. Created with passion, the meal could be inspired by your stories, cultural backgrounds, mission and values.  

Literary Dining

Literary dining brings together art and literature and the jelling agent is food. Each of the three dinners featured one writer from the past times. First of the literature dining experiences began with the 19th century and the Grüne Soße of Wolfgang von Goethe’s mother. After Goethe, the guests were brought back to the 1920s […]

Entretempo, Entre os Tempos

ENTRETEMPO, ENTRE OS TEMPOS is a series of exhibitions featuring works printed by Omar Guedes’s Entretempo Studio in Brazil. The first exhibition features works of Expoemas from Augusto de Campos, printed by Omar at Entretempo Edições Serigráficas, Sao Paulo/ Brazil, in 1985. Omar Guedes, father of CEO/ Curator Tainá Guedes, big passion was to work […]

Press Kit & more news

Journalists can download our press kit here: Press_kit.PDF For more information contact our press coordinator at: Recent News

Supermarket of Emotions

Young national and international upcoming artists working in the field of food design, illustration and photography. “The memory of the flavor and emotions contained within food is so strong that some people believe even after we die our spirits continue remembering them. It is because of this that many religions, such as Buddhism, for example, […]


A series of site-specific portraits of our consumer society with a pop aftertaste. A digestive metaphor of the way we produce, present and appropriate images of culture and a culture of images today. Following the formula you are what you consume, dictated by the market(ing) and advertising industry, “the fridge” – an utilitarian object, stands […]

Food Waste Money

We explore the constellation of chain food, waste and money. The exhibition promotes an artistic dialogue between the multi-sided social and political agendas on this topic. As well as throwing a spotlight on Entretempo’s own kitchen philosophy of reducing, reusing and recycling, the exhibition will de- and re-construct the many ways society and governmental policies […]

Blind Dinner

  At the Blind dinner guests are blindfolded and seduced with 6 courses sensorial menu, exploring textures and tastes. We don’t revel the menu, as it is suppose to surprise the guests.  

Fictitious Dinner

Literature meets food art. Fictitious Dinner creates the atmosphere of a specific book by cooking the taste that we imagine would be inside of it. Guests dive into books of fiction with all senses through a dinner that inspires both thoughts and taste buds. Menu inspired by Walter Benjamin’s book “Einbahnstrasse/ Berliner Kindheit um Neunzehnhundert”: […]

Butoh Kitchen

Butoh Kitchen researchers the inside-and-outside transformations of our selves in relation to food. Combined with dance-music performance, the dinner follows with a special menu fusing our Japanese kitchen philosophy with other cultures. Menu may vary, this one exampl of what you can get: Misoshiru – soy soup served with dried mushroom and soft tofu Sunomono […]

W H I T E – At all times food has been found to be eaten

The work of Helene Lundbye Petersen emerge from her wish to provide us with a blank, white page as a means for a fresh start or inspiration to rethink exhausted structures in our society and life. W H I T E is embedded with interpretations such as light, purity, innocence, beginnings and the new. At […]


“Food in Context” is a playful musing on the human relationship to food and identity. Images of manipulated food, reformed by individuals according to personal impulses, give us an exploratory look at the unobvious dimensions that lay dormant in a piece of food depending on the intention and context of its consumer. The narratives we […]


TOMÁS ESPINOSA – solo exhibition. Gentle provocation as a poetic act is the theme of “Zwischen Uns” (“Between Us”), his first solo show, at Entretempo, which consists of an installation featuring elements of performance and sculpture.The ambiguous form of cucumbers, plantains and maniocs becomes a conversation starter between artist and audience, instigating an interaction where tactility, teasing […]


The project explores the various dimensions of sweetness, as well as its dualities-ambiguities-contradictions and the implications of sugar in modern society. For this exhibition, the artists combine the emotional-sentimental aspects of sugar and the connotations of the sweet in rhetoric, media and marketing. Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Renata Har, Hanne Lippard  curated by Caique Tizzi […]

Where the white things are

Eszter Imre is a Hungarian designer and ceramic artist living and working in Sweden, also known by her brand imreszti. With a strong background in arts, crafts and ceramics she creates objects for trust and love, focusing on function and user experience rather than shapes. Her most beloved material is porcelain, in which many of […]


This time it’s all about honey. Centered around the artwork of Mauricio Cervantes from Mexico a highly symbolic exhibition about life, death and eternal transformation evolves. A new urban gardening project founded in cooperation with Grüne Liga Berlin at the abandoned cemetery St. Marien-St. Nikolai in Prenzlauer Berg provides the proper setting. 07.07 – 10.08.2014

Open eat!

“Food way” by Tainá Guedes, “Frankenfood” by Iara Guedes, “Softly Radical” by Lynn Peemoeller, “Erdbeerkanone” byAnne Duk Hee Jordan and “Take one” by Lenara Verle. 19.06 – 01.07.2014