The exhibition is the result of the project „Table Tools“, initiated and supervised by Prof. Barbara Schmidt, where the students, together with Entretempo’s curator Tainá Guedes and curator Michael Fesca, started by developing an edible micro-universe based on fermentation. Results of the four-month experimental design project are, among others, fermentation equipment for the modern kitchen, a fridge, which works without electricity, and porcelain surfaces which reveal the aesthetic potential of sauces or dancing stacked dishes.

Homo Sapiens maintain a close relationship to ceramics. Ceramic and food evolved simultaneously – many cooking methods and techniques of eating were not possible without ceramic equipment and vessels. During the winter semester of 2015/16 10 students of the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee experimentally examined the possibility of developing vessels and tools in a way to keep the tradition of ceramics and take it further. In the beginning, industrial and digital methods of the ceramic production, dishes and drinks produced with fermentation were elaborated under the concept „Eating the Universe“ for a one day exhibition. In the course of the project students examined various methods to enhance the potential of ceramics and enjoy meals and drinks using their own creations.

From February till May 2016 the results of the projects will be presented at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery. During the exhibition once per month a new focus will be set on particular works, following a dining experience hosted by the students.

Artists:  Alexandre Bailly, Maximilian Bellinghausen, Nicole Dietz, Simon Ertl, Tanguy Fraiture, Janis Gildeins, Lilith Habisreutinger, Henrik Hjort, Qianyu Zhu, Bruno Ziebell

Project management/Project support: Prof. Barbara Schmidt, Tainá Guedes, Michael Fesca, Carolin Wachter, Sabine Selmke
Friendly supported by KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH

26.02. — 26.05.2016

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