Food Art Week 2016


Hosted by Freegan Pony, Colette Paris, L’Arbre Jaune, Hope Cafe Paris.

Featuring works of Uli Westphal, Bonnie Tchien Hy, Eszter Imre, Jean Paul Ganem, Nicolas Baby, Stéphane Baz, Karim Chrobog, Jonathan Staav, Céline Pelcé, Dimitry Hlinka, Corinne Fhima, Jorge Chamorro, Lynn Peemoeller, Iva Radivojevic, Irvin Annex, Mathias Mangin, Jonas Parienté, Chaï Chaï Films, Iara and Tainá Guedes, Alexandre Bailly, Naoko Yasukochi, Kathrin Koschitzki / Photisserie, Le Gavroches, Marie-Laure Brochard, Jasmine Guffond, Alex Rigaud, Jeremy Ziani, Karim Cland GiGi L’impératrice

Workshop by Shanthuru Prem, Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network – Building Solutions to Food Waste. Thank you very much everybody for joining us!

Friendly supported by Le Repas, Le Creuset, Lufthansa, Märkisches Landbrot Bäckerei and ENTER.Sake

With special thanks to: Freegan Pony, Le Repas, Lemonaid/ ChariTea, Le Creuset, Jean Paul Ganem, Brigitte Coscas, Nicolas Baby, Stéphane Baz, Enrique Zanoni, Jacques, Wang Di, Mohamed, Bia Goll, Maria Uzkaya, Tina Aguirre, Ln Ggr, Nicolas Withoutdri, Ioamsa, Pierre Sanner and all volunteers!


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Organised and curated by Tainá Guedes, Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

Photos by Iara Guedes and Tina Aguirre