Sacred Food

SACRED FOOD: A visual and culinary exploration on food and spirituality

Featuring works of Anne Dukhee Jordan, Sarmishta Pantham, Tito Casal, Alexis Raskin, Antônio Sérgio Moreira and a Table of Sacred Foods by Entretempo’s Collective

About the exhibition:
In many religions, in different ages and in different cultures, food has been prepared, eaten or offered for ceremonies and celebrations. Buddhist and Hindus believe that our memories and emotions connected to food are so strong that even after we die, our spirit still remembers this. That is the reason why the beloved food of the person who died is offered at her or his altar. In the Brazilian-African religion food is prepared for special rituals to honour divinities and Gods, and in Tibetan monasteries monks prepare food while singing mantras, to benefit all sentient beings. But also in our everyday life food has often a spiritual meaning. For many of us, the food from our mother or grandmother is related to so many memories and emotions that it cannot be prepared by anyone else. And bread is not only sacred for Christians, but almost for the whole German culture.

Through special recipes and rituals, we establish connections with the spiritual world. Where do these recipes come from? How and when are the rituals performed, and by who? In “Sacred Food: Nourishment For Body & Soul”, we look at these and other questions in order to find out how food and spirituality are connected.

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