Água-viva, living water, jellyfish

If we are water and if we live water, how it would be?

A LIVING WATER wanting to be life in a packaged and plasticized world; our essence in contact with its environment. The installation integrates the public in an immersive search in the bottom of the sea in solidarity with a jellyfish, a life wanting to live in the middle of a plasticized world. Inside the water where the generation of life began, you may philosophize about love, from where everything comes and goes. Poetic waves unfold in the water, from the surrealistic outside world that lives within our inside world. Here the human community and the aquatic community come together, bringing pre-prehistoric memories and recent memories of the time we lived inside our mother’s aquatic environment.

The unknown. The forgotten. What seems so close, yet so far away. Our body is made up of 70% water and what do we know about water? We are almost water, yet we are unlearned to understand water. Micro and macro universes co-exist with our lives where we can determine and define our route. Are we co-inhabitants of a planet water spinning in the nothing, surrounded by stars, aimlessly in the universe?

Water, where life on Earth began.
Water, which generates and sustains life on our planet.
Water, also the main ingredient in the kitchen.

By Tainá Guedes
Featuring works by Iara Guedes and Javier Blanco Chiocchio.
Sound by Jasmine Guffond.

Friendly supported by Rheinsberger Preussenquelle

Thanks to Ilan Katin, Lenara Verle and Tereza Guedes

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