W H I T E – At all times food has been found to be eaten

The work of Helene Lundbye Petersen emerge from her wish to provide us with a blank, white page as a means for a fresh start or inspiration to rethink exhausted structures in our society and life.

W H I T E is embedded with interpretations such as light, purity, innocence, beginnings and the new. At the same time, it carries the quality of being a space, as seen in the visible spectrum where it contains all other colors or as on the blank white page or canvas, containing thoughts and ideas. Lundbye Petersen’s first book, The White Book, conceptualizes white as holding exactly these two qualities of being an inclusive space that is open and free and to inspire the new. One area, which urgently calls for rethinking is our overly complex industrialized food system.

Placed on the political global agenda in needing to solve the problem of how to feed an ever-growing population and maintaining a sustainable world, food raises logistic and ethical questions in relation to production, health and waste.

Helene Lundbye Petersen (DK)

29.11.2014 – 03.02.2015

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