“Food in Context” is a playful musing on the human relationship to food and identity. Images of manipulated food, reformed by individuals according to personal impulses, give us an exploratory look at the unobvious dimensions that lay dormant in a piece of food depending on the intention and context of its consumer.

The narratives we find our food in—those emotional triggers that have more to do with the history of what we are looking at rather than its physicality, affect our perception of food more than calories can account for alone. The compilation of works shown is a study of this context based relationship we have to food.

Video installation, Photography and Sculptures – Curated by Elizaveta Barsegova

13.11 – 27.11.2014

Lucky Pierre (US), Jorge Chamorro ((SP/DE), Maansi Jain ((US/DE), Serena Toffetti (IT/DE)

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