“Food in Context” is a playful musing on the human relationship to food and identity. Images of manipulated food, reformed by individuals according to personal impulses, give us an exploratory look at the unobvious dimensions that lay dormant in a piece of food depending on the intention and context of its consumer. The narratives we […]


TOMÁS ESPINOSA – solo exhibition. Gentle provocation as a poetic act is the theme of “Zwischen Uns” (“Between Us”), his first solo show, at Entretempo, which consists of an installation featuring elements of performance and sculpture.The ambiguous form of cucumbers, plantains and maniocs becomes a conversation starter between artist and audience, instigating an interaction where tactility, teasing […]


The project explores the various dimensions of sweetness, as well as its dualities-ambiguities-contradictions and the implications of sugar in modern society. For this exhibition, the artists combine the emotional-sentimental aspects of sugar and the connotations of the sweet in rhetoric, media and marketing. Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Renata Har, Hanne Lippard  curated by Caique Tizzi […]

Where the white things are

Eszter Imre is a Hungarian designer and ceramic artist living and working in Sweden, also known by her brand imreszti. With a strong background in arts, crafts and ceramics she creates objects for trust and love, focusing on function and user experience rather than shapes. Her most beloved material is porcelain, in which many of […]


This time it’s all about honey. Centered around the artwork of Mauricio Cervantes from Mexico a highly symbolic exhibition about life, death and eternal transformation evolves. A new urban gardening project founded in cooperation with Grüne Liga Berlin at the abandoned cemetery St. Marien-St. Nikolai in Prenzlauer Berg provides the proper setting. 07.07 – 10.08.2014

Open eat!

“Food way” by Tainá Guedes, “Frankenfood” by Iara Guedes, “Softly Radical” by Lynn Peemoeller, “Erdbeerkanone” byAnne Duk Hee Jordan and “Take one” by Lenara Verle. 19.06 – 01.07.2014