Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

EKG (Entretempo Kitchen Gallery) shines a spotlight on the political and social impact of food as a manifestation of history, sociology, geography, science, philosophy and communication. Art becomes an extension of the kitchen and food a common base for expressing and sharing thoughts and ideas.

With a unique range of services, Entretempo offers creative catering to Berlin’s workspaces, as well as cooking workshops and unique dining experiences for companies, cultural organizations and teams. We believe that through interaction with food, we can creatively express not only cultural backgrounds and values, but also our emotions and passions.

Entretempo Kitchen Gallery has initiated Food Art Week and is responsible for organising and realising all the events.

We also curate exhibitions and events at our Art Garden Space in collaboration with Grüne Liga.

If you want to learn more about our work, go to Entretempo’s portfolio.

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