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Entretempo shines a spotlight on the political and social impact of food as a manifestation of history, sociology, geography, science, philosophy and communication. Art becomes an extension of the kitchen and food a common base for expressing and sharing thoughts and ideas.

We also curate exhibitions and events at our Art Garden Space in collaboration with Grüne Liga.


Current Exhibition


THE KING OF TABLE : Über das Essen und die Kunst in Korea

For more informations download the PDF : the king of table – PDF   Veranstalter: Korea Foundation The Korea Foundation Berlin Office c/o The Embassy […]

Past Exhibitions

Art Garden

In partnership with Grüne Liga Berlin, the Art Garden project occupies and regenerates the abandoned cemetery St. Georgen Parochial I, in Prenzlauer, Berlin through a combination of art and gardening. There are about 300 hectares of unused cemetery ground in Berlin’s inner city, and the Art Garden project believes that this land can be recycled and reclaimed for the living through artistic gardening initiatives.

Based on the experiences of the Matria Jardín in Oaxaca, Mexico, this project revives the site by turning it into an art garden, a place of physical and mental recreation and most of all: a place for everyone. The garden is open to new artists and ideas, creating a live space that is in a constant state of regeneration.

As a grassroots-project the Art Garden lives and grows with the people who contribute to it. If you are an artist, send us your application or project to: hello@entretempo-kitchen-gallery.com


Art Garden

Art Garden – Cemetery St. Georgen Parochial I, Prenzlauer Allee 6, Berlin (entrance at Heinrich-Roller-Str. 18) in Cooperation with GRÜNE LIGA Berlin and Matria Jardín with […]



The Event was part of the Berlin Food Art Week organized by the Entretempo Kitchen Gallery. We will create a painting of the sky by […]

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