Make Beautiful by ilan katin

ilan katin creates a small painted drawing each day. Every year, all the drawings made the year before are presented to the public together, for two days only, before being given away as gifts to family, friends and strangers. Come and have the first pick!

Also on view, black and white ‘meditation drawings’. An ongoing series since 2001.

As part of this personal marking of time ilan enjoys sharing in the space he creates by inviting friends to perform, and help Make Beautiful.

Performing at this year’s exhibition:
Iara Guedes with drawing from meditation butoh performance
– Forbiddencolors with electric guitar improvisations
Last Unit with resampled electronic emissions from the motherboard world
Total Crap with enchanting, circuit bent drone tones.

Any impulse is a nod to the unpredictable.

Just like pop corn art. Freshly served through the event. Sweet or savory.

Come by Thursday and Friday (6th & 7th April) from 3 PM.

Live acts start at 7 PM both days.

More about the artist here