Amadeus Lindemann – Design, visual artist

Amadeus Lindemann was born on September 08, 1994 in Bielefeld, NRW.

After graduating from high school in 2013, he attended the Music and Art School in Bielefeld for half a year to complete courses in sculpture, photography and drawing. From 2014 to 2017, he studied communication design at the Design Academy of Berlin. In 2016, Lindemann and his fellow student Chiara Weis founded the artist collective “Art.5 Collective”, which works at the interface between art and science. In 2017, the first exhibitions followed in cooperation with the “Entretempo Kitchen Gallery” and the “Food Lab Muenster” in Berlin.

Due to his musical background, Lindemann unites the broad theme of music with visual movement in many of his works in order to present special themes in a more emotional and intense way. He is interested in the exploration of different cultures, as well as religions – their visual and also auditory peculiarities, social issues and scientific questions.

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