Supermarket of Emotions

Young national and international upcoming artists working in the field of food design, illustration and photography.

“The memory of the flavor and emotions contained within food is so strong that some people believe even after we die our spirits continue remembering them. It is because of this that many religions, such as Buddhism, for example, usually use a deceased person’s favorite foods in certain rituals.” Tainá Guedes.

Our emotions are the main ingredient of our decisions, and those decisions are formed in our subconscious several seconds before they enter our consciousness. The decisions we have done play an important role in our life and society. The supermarket of emotions opens different dialogues between emotions and food, and emotions and consume as well.

This interactive exhibition aims to provide an unique experience and debate on the taste of love, happiness and more, through visual and gustative experimentation.

Featuring works of: Sarmishta Pantham & Karthik Nagarajan (IN), Berber Galema & Larisse Blok of Smakerij (NL), Studio Jihyun David (KR & IT), Lauren Hillebrandt (NL) Uli WestPhal (DE) and illustrators Ming Sin Ho (NL), Imge Özbilge (AT), Charlotte Apers (NL), Vrouwvanrinus (NL), Sjors Tomlow (NL) Gijs Henselmans (NL) and Levi Jacobs (NL).

01.08 – 29.08.2015

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