Kids Workshops

A creative and sensible way to bring kids closer to food, discovering origins of taste, natural and organic food, therefore maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Musical Garden (winner of the UNESCO price)

A long-term laboratory where children establish a connection between the garden and what they eat. It is a way to learn about the process from cultivation to cooking of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, the kids learn to recycle and transform garden tools, kitchen utensils and non-edible ingredients in musical instruments. The program included building up […]

Musical Food

This musical experience brings food and music together as if they were never apart! The workshop is all about the food as the main musician. Kids are also be involved in singing and in the cooking process.  

Veggie Portraits

A fun workshop for kids where using easy and fun technique of “tissue paper”, where wet tissue paper meets vinegar and water. The small creators develop their imagination by creating portraits of vegetables as if they were people.