A series of site-specific portraits of our consumer society with a pop aftertaste. A digestive metaphor of the way we produce, present and appropriate images of culture and a culture of images today.

Following the formula you are what you consume, dictated by the market(ing) and advertising industry, “the fridge” – an utilitarian object, stands in this project as a household pedestal of human desire, camouflaging the wishes, excesses and anxieties of a society that fluctuates between the paradox of the more and the less. Mirrored realities inside a mechanically reproduced question: What are you hungry for?

Anaísa Franco (BR), Boris Eldagsen (DE), Vanessa Enríquez (MX), Beth Dillon (AU), Stephanie Hannah (DE), Stephan Halter (DE), Malte Barsch (DK), Stephan Gross (DE) and Stefano Cassetti (IT). Curated by Paz Ponce, Berliner Pool with artists of its network and hosted by Entretempo Kitchen Gallery.

25.4 – 24.5.2015

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