Detox / Super Foods

Detox and Super Foods are quite a common topic in a modern citizens life. If you want to know the backstage secrets of detox and super foods, something google will never tell you, sign up for this exciting experience of natural organic food creation into delicious meals with professional chefs and specialists.

Cooking with leftovers

“Kochen mit Brot” is a book written by the curator of the gallery Taina Guedes, which fights against food waste. Food waste is a major global issue and this workshop will explore how to fight against it by providing with the “Cooking with Leftovers ABC”. This cooking workshop will involve leftovers, seasonal and regional food […]

Food Design

  Food becomes a platform to communicate concepts, ideas, or issues that the team is willing to discuss. The participants design the food, expressing their ideas in an unusual, creative and pleasant way.  

Play Eat!

Entretempo will work as a laboratory during three months, discussing the importance of the play element of culture and society. As Huizinga suggests, play is primary to and a necessary (though not sufficient) condition of the generation of culture. We want to extend the discussion questioning how virtual communication can influence our behaviors and eating […]

Healthy Sweets

  The participants learn three different truffle techniques, including one using healthier ingredients. Besides been a delicious dessert, handmade Truffles are a special way to present people you like.    

Food Design

    Creative and colorful food combining unique ingredients. Your stories, mission and values inspire the development of the recipes. Previous caterings: YUN Berlin: For the opening of the Korean fashion store located in Mitte, we played with YUN’s main product, which are glasses that are ready-to-wear in only 20 minutes, by changing every 20 […]

Cooking with leftovers

Waste free recipes from Tainá Guedes book “Kochen mit Brot” (Cooking with Bread), in its second edition by oekom publishing house, using leftovers, seasonal and regional food. Recommended by TV Start Chef Tim Mälzer at his Blog, the recipes surprise and impact people by showing how amazing and tasty dishes can be made with leftovers! […]

Institut für Raum – experimente – Olafur Eliasson

In collaboration with artist Lynn Peemoeller, Guedes has created recipes using famous ingredients from Germany and Ethiopia. Raumexperimente collaborated with the University of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) in a project connecting practices in teaching and learning with the understanding that art and art education do change reality. By combining potatoes, Ethiopian spices, milch reis and Ethiopean […]

BMW Guggenheim Lab

The Lab addressed issues of contemporary urban life through free programs, projects and public discourse, all centered around the topic of life in cities today. Together with the participants, Guedes created an installation of a world made of fruits and vegetables, as an answer to the question “what do you believe could make our world a […]

Heineken x Vice – Cities of the World

To cel­eb­rate Heineken’s newly launched City Edi­tion bottles, we created in collaboration with VICE, a concept for the launch at VOO Store, in Berlin. A food sculpture for the Berlin and Rio de Janeiro editions was placed on a catwalk, while photos of both cities were projected on the models.  

Wish Birds

As a wedding present, we developed a food installation of 500 origami Tsuru-birds: a holy Japanese bird that carried wishes of longevity, harmony, happiness and good luck. Each bird was carrying a wedding cake with cards where guests could write down messages for the couple.    

Designmeile at Stilwerk

The 5th Designmeile Berlin was dedicated to the topic “New Nordic Design”. For the official opening ceremony Tainá Guedes and the designer Thomas Meyer developed a unique food-art installation entitled “Nordic Food Archive”: a multipart ice sculpture involving the aspects of the Nordic food, culture and landscape to recreate the concepts of taste, waste & […]



Taina Guedes talks about Food Art, Berlin and her vision for a better world via the interaction between fodd, art and society.


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