Literary Dining

Literary dining brings together art and literature and the jelling agent is food. Each of the three dinners featured one writer from the past times. First of the literature dining experiences began with the 19th century and the Grüne Soße of Wolfgang von Goethe’s mother. After Goethe, the guests were brought back to the 1920s when Gertrude Stein invited her artist friends over for a dinner at her Paris’ salon The third dinner was finished in 1966 when Truman Capote hosted the Black and White Ball, also known as the party of the century. For each of these experiences, one contemporary, living writer was also participating at the dinner as the Guest of Honour.

Curated by An Paenhuysen who works as a freelance curator, art critic and educator in Berlin. She is a fervent art blogger and teaches online Art Criticism and Writing at Node Center – Curatorial Studies Berlin.

Food curated by Taina Guedes

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