Joe Sarah – Photographer

For any restaurants partnered with Food Art Week, Joe Sarah offers a 20% discount on all the full and half day rates of food photography for your restaurant. Learn more about it.   Check out his work on his website and resume.  

Nicolas Jardry – Patron

More on his website, Facebook and Instagram.   Nature as an inner mirror. From decomposition to life again, the cycles of nature, life never ends! 🌱 #Transmutations #Inside #flowersandplants #moodoftheday #photoessay #photo #photography #photowork #stilllife #stilllifephotography #1/3 #2018 #photo by #NicolasJardry #iconiko #iconikoParis #30X30 #60x60cm #framed #artwork #print #originalprint #hannemuhle #RagWhite #310g #photolovers #anneclerguegalerie @anneclerguegalerie @interviewartgallery […]

Amadeus Lindemann – Design, visual artist

Amadeus Lindemann was born on September 08, 1994 in Bielefeld, NRW. After graduating from high school in 2013, he attended the Music and Art School in Bielefeld for half a year to complete courses in sculpture, photography and drawing. From 2014 to 2017, he studied communication design at the Design Academy of Berlin. In 2016, […]

Javier Blanco Chiocchio- Audiovisual artist

  Javier Blanco Chiocchio is a Director of Photography and Audiovisual artist. He has a musical and art background. He works in a variety of formats, and is always open to improvisation if needed. He is a problem solving oriented professional. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he is an award winning artist who have lived […]

Iara Guedes – Multidisciplinary artist

Iara Guedes is a multidisciplinary artist born in São Paulo / Brazil, 1976. She studied dance and performance at the University of Communication and Arts of the Body (PUCSP) from 1999 to 2002. Her interest in animation and its possibilities related to performance began in 2004. She dedicated to apprehending the practice of computer graphics […]

Tainá Guedes – Founder & Artistic director

Tainá Guedes is a Berlin-based artist, food activist, book author and formed cook, born in Brazil in 1978, works on different projects on how we conceive food in a cultural and social context. Art becomes an extension of the kitchen – and food a common base for expressing and sharing thoughts and ideas. Tainá’s work explores […]

Bread Waste – Tainá Guedes

Every year in Germany between 573,000-763,000 Tonnes of bread are wasted, which makes between 7.1 and 9.5 kg of bread waste per person, per year. This globe shaped sculpture has 9,5 kilo bread inside of it, because what we eat and what we don’t eat affects the entire world. The 12 minutes of sound that […]

Banana Republic Roots – Tainá Guedes

  Banana Republic is a pejorative political science term used to define a social-political-economic relation between “unstable” countries that are dependent of exporting a limited resource product, as for example bananas, having as result the exploration of the working class, environment degradation through the monoculture, along other problems. Measurements: 200 x 200 x 200 cm […]


“Vestígios, uma reflexão sobre o homem e seu alimento” Concepção e realização: Luciana Farias, Brazímage Curadoria: Tainá Guedes e Daniel Rangel Fotos: Silvana Garzaro Patrocínio: Ministério da Cultura e Ticket Apoio: Le Creuset, Duvel, Urban Remedy, Prazeres da Mesa, Qualifest, Food Pass, Trapiche, Speroni.    

UNKNOWN BLACK : A different perception of black food

In zusammen Arbeit mit Prof. Dr. Guido Ritter, FH Münster and food lab muenster. Vernissage : 02. Mai, 19–22 Uhr Dauer : 02. Mai–02.Juli, 2017 Dinner für eingeladene Gäste : 03.Mai, 19Uhr Künstler/innen : Amadeus Lindemann und Chiara Weis Kuratorin : Tainá Guedes –freier Eintritt– *English version see below* Die Farbe Schwarz wird häufig mit […]

Make Beautiful by ilan katin

ilan katin creates a small painted drawing each day. Every year, all the drawings made the year before are presented to the public together, for two days only, before being given away as gifts to family, friends and strangers. Come and have the first pick! Also on view, black and white ‘meditation drawings’. An ongoing […]

THE KING OF TABLE : über das Essen und die Kunst in Korea

Künstler/innen : Anne Dukhee Jordan, Seok Hyun Han, Byung Chul Kim, Helena Parada Kim, Kondo Yukako. Dauer : 22. März – 29. März 2017 Opening : am 22. März ab 18 Uhr Finissage : am 29. März ab 19 Uhr **English version below** Essen spielt in Korea eine herausragende Rolle, ist nicht nur ein Fest […]


MehrWert – a waste free restaurant installation Jährlich werden allein in Deutschland mehr als die Hälfte der produzierten Lebensmittel weggeworfen. Die Gründe dafür sind vielseitig und oft vermeidbar: kalkulierte Überproduktion, schlechte Lagerung, die vermeintlich falsche Optik… MehrWert, ist eine raumgreifende Installation, die sich der großen Herausforderung der Müllvermeidung stellen und ihren Beitrag leisten will. Das […]

Sacred Food

SACRED FOOD: A visual and culinary exploration on food and spirituality Featuring works of Anne Dukhee Jordan, Sarmishta Pantham, Tito Casal, Alexis Raskin, Antônio Sérgio Moreira and a Table of Sacred Foods by Entretempo’s Collective About the exhibition: In many religions, in different ages and in different cultures, food has been prepared, eaten or offered […]

Água-viva, living water, jellyfish

If we are water and if we live water, how it would be? A LIVING WATER wanting to be life in a packaged and plasticized world; our essence in contact with its environment. The installation integrates the public in an immersive search in the bottom of the sea in solidarity with a jellyfish, a life […]

Food Examples

  Beautiful Food Examples which we offer in our catering service.  


The exhibition is the result of the project „Table Tools“, initiated and supervised by Prof. Barbara Schmidt, where the students, together with Entretempo’s curator Tainá Guedes and curator Michael Fesca, started by developing an edible micro-universe based on fermentation. Results of the four-month experimental design project are, among others, fermentation equipment for the modern kitchen, […]

Veggie Portraits

A fun workshop for kids where using easy and fun technique of “tissue paper”, where wet tissue paper meets vinegar and water. The small creators develop their imagination by creating portraits of vegetables as if they were people.      

Musical Food

This musical experience brings food and music together as if they were never apart! The workshop is all about the food as the main musician. Kids are also be involved in singing and in the cooking process.  

Musical Garden (winner of the UNESCO price)

A long-term laboratory where children establish a connection between the garden and what they eat. It is a way to learn about the process from cultivation to cooking of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, the kids learn to recycle and transform garden tools, kitchen utensils and non-edible ingredients in musical instruments. The program included building up […]

Kids Workshops

A creative and sensible way to bring kids closer to food, discovering origins of taste, natural and organic food, therefore maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Painting your Mood with Food Colors

RED is PASSION, GREEN is FREEDOM, YELLOW is …. In this experience we provide you with a bread canvas and natural colors of food so you can create your own sustainable and edible art work ! All colors that you put in your canvas tell a unique story about yourself, a story you will later […]


Experience that will bring your movie-related experience to another level ! Yet you can come and be a part of an expression of interpretations of how the food would taste if it was a movie. Starting with a workshop perfectly suited for 10-20 people group, the whole experience will end with an exclusive dinner featuring one […]

Monochrome design workshops

Colors are expressive ! Join us for an unique and colorful experience, discovering vegetables and fruits through colors and expressing your wishes, dreams and uniqueness to others. In this workshop we will create and design monochrome dishes with your favorite colors, which embeds a special meaning and expression. This workshop can also become a tool […]

Japanese Workshops

  Join us to learn how to create the most delicious Japanese food and make your own creations at home. Our professional Japanese chefs will assure to share all the secrets behind sushi creation and other dishes, so that you could create with the ingredients of your choice. This bonding cultural experience will not leave you hungry […]