MehrWert – a waste free restaurant installation Jährlich werden allein in Deutschland mehr als die Hälfte der produzierten Lebensmittel weggeworfen. Die Gründe dafür sind vielseitig […]


Sacred Food

SACRED FOOD: A visual and culinary exploration on food and spirituality Featuring works of Anne Dukhee Jordan, Sarmishta Pantham, Tito Casal, Alexis Raskin, Antônio Sérgio […]

musicalfood_01 Kopie

Musical Food

This musical experience brings food and music together as if they were never apart! The workshop is all about the food as the main musician. Kids […]


Kids Workshops

A creative and sensible way to bring kids closer to food, discovering origins of taste, natural and organic food, therefore maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



Experience that will bring your movie-related experience to another level ! Yet you can come and be a part of an expression of interpretations of how […]


Food Design

Food becomes a platform to communicate concepts, ideas, or issues that the team is willing to discuss. The participants design the food, expressing their ideas […]


Play Eat!

Entretempo will work as a laboratory during three months, discussing the importance of the play element of culture and society. As Huizinga suggests, play is […]


Healthy Sweets

The participants learn three different truffle techniques, including one using healthier ingredients. Besides been a delicious dessert, handmade Truffles are a special way to present […]


Food Design

Creative and colorful food combining unique ingredients. Your stories, mission and values inspire the development of the recipes. Previous caterings: YUN Berlin: For the opening […]


BMW Guggenheim Lab

The Lab addressed issues of contemporary urban life through free programs, projects and public discourse, all centered around the topic of life in cities today. Together […]


Wish Birds

As a wedding present, we developed a food installation of 500 origami Tsuru-birds: a holy Japanese bird that carried wishes of longevity, harmony, happiness and […]